Casual Chef

Want to work as little or as much as you want? Don’t want any commitment beyond doing a great job whilst on shift? Want to earn competitive rates? Cut out the agency and work directly for us.

Your rate of pay is linked to how many sections you are trained on. You’ll need to commit to working full time whilst being trained, with each section talking about 1 week to master.

When working you could be deployed on any section you are trained on. All you have to do is set up, service and pack down, there are no other responsibilities.

It is possible, working this way, to work 3 days a week, earn £570 and then have 4 days to yourself. Who says chefs can’t have a work-life balance?

Time Allocation Per Week

  • No fixed hours
  • Bid for shifts

Pay Rates

  • £11.00 per hour Pastry Trained
  • £12.00 per hour Pastry + Larder Trained
  • £13.00 per hour Pastry + Larder + Garnish Trained
  • £14.00 Pastry + Larder + Garnish + Meat Trained
  • £15.00 per hour Pastry + Larder + Garnish + Meat + Pass Trained