Fancy working 4 days on and then having 3 consecutive days off, earning over £30k per year? Passionate about food and keen to progress into a kitchen leadership role in the not too distant future? Have a least 1 years experience in a busy kitchen? Do you have strong attention to detail and take pride in what you do?

If you answered yes to all of those questions, you should apply to work at Bistrotheque, a busy restaurant in East London with a 14-year history.

Our first priority would be to for you to master all sections in the kitchen. We’d then be getting you involved in training others to do the same. When you were ready we would train you to run the private dining kitchen.

We look forward to receiving your application

Time Allocation Per Week

  • 4 days on, 3 consecutive days off
  • 48 hours per week


  • Base rate per hour: £10.00
  • Guaranteed rate per hour: £12.50