Head Chef at Bistrotheque

As the business expands, and we prepare to open a second site, we are looking for a new head chef to take the reins at Bistrotheque. We're specifically looking for someone that can help us create an industry leading training and development culture within the kitchen. One that nurtures and develops kitchen porters and trainees into tomorrow's chefs.

You will own training, both on and off shift, and by doing so you will create a strong, efficient team with high rates of retention.

You will of course be responsible for the overall running of the kitchen department, overseeing two kitchens but we give you a kitchen manager to look after all the administration and two senior sous, one focused on each kitchen. Your passion is to be in chef whites, in the kitchen, with your team making them stronger and better — you do not like sitting in the office

Time Allocation Per Week
5 days on, 2 consecutive days off
Average 55 hours per week

Starting at £50k
Reviewed after 6 & 12 months